Koen Snoeckx

I assist you to leave a positive trace with your project, policy, organization or business. Through lectures, workshops and ecosystem building.


I deploy my main effort through the following brands and initiatives:

Arteconomy: lectures and workshops as your gateway to truly impactful innovation, change-making and entrepreneurship. Since 2022, I am the owner and director of this brand, which legally operates under Luscinus. Discover and book the lectures and workshops that I offer via Arteconomy (www.arteconomy.be).

Innovation manager Geel: part-time assignment to increase the dynamics and attractiveness of this innovation ecosystem in the 4th-biggest industry city in Belgium (www.geel.be/innovatie).

Moktamee (pro-bono): I am the founder and active member of this creative hub and community in Herentals (www.moktamee.be).


My unique strength? I help you to make the unexpected happen. Yes, serendipity can be organized. Brace yourself for what we call collisions. Because the unexpected always beats the obvious.