Within Creative Lab Brainport talented students work in multidisciplinary and multi-level teams to gain practical experience in business and industry. Creative craftsmanship, design and high-tech converge in Creative Lab Brainport.

Creative Lab Brainport is a network in which students and companies get together, inspire each other and collaborate. Co-creating innovative solutions for manufacturing and industry. Creative Lab Brainport is an initiative developed by SintLucas in cooperation with partners Fontys Hogescholen, Baltan Laboratories and Brainport Development.

In 2017, Sint-Lucas approached Luscinus to take the lead in the development of the Creative Lab Academy, which is the educational pillar of Creative Lab Brainport. Together with representatives from the educational and industrial partners, Luscinus compiled a detailed vision and plan, including a roadmap and all instruments needed for implementation.

More details on the Creative Lab Brainport Academy webpage.

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