A new generation of entrepreneurs and creative individuals is emerging in our cities. Gathered in a diverse set of urban “tribes” (wikipedians, digital artists, local media producers, fablabbers, arduins, new designers…) they are creating new jobs and opportunities in difficult times: They do this not only by developing and improving products and services on their own but also enriching and revitalizing existing economic activities. The digital transition of societies, which is rapidly taking place at a global level, provides these communities with opportunities that can boost this movement even more.

These informal innovative communities are also increasingly being discovered by scientific and cultural institutions such as universities, cultural centers, and also by corporations and local governments that wish to understand and engage with these new forms for innovation.

However, in many cases these urban creative communities are isolated from their counterparts in other cities, and do not have access to Future Internet technologies and solutions (both in terms of high-speed wired and wireless infrastructure and in applications) which could be highly instrumental in both the creation and the exchange of innovative content and applications. As a consequence, the immense potential of the European Creative Industries, in size as well as in diversity, is currently not fulfilled.

The Creative Ring facilitates these engagements, by enabling a European-wide, technology-supported experimental ecosystem for creative talents, professionals and stakeholders working in and with the Creative Industries.

Since 2015, Koen has been one of the driving forces behind Creative Ring, boosting the local ecosystem in Eindhoven and the exchange of knowledge and opportunities on the international level. For 2017-2018, Koen was the formal Chairman of the Creative Ring ivzw, making Luscinus leading in the central coordination and taking on a large number of the project- and general-management tasks.

Homepage of the Creative Ring and the 2018 Creative Ring Sum It.

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