In today’s world of information overload and fake news, where can we turn to for trusted information? Libraries have been providing readers with facts and fiction for hundreds of years. They are already embracing change as they move from analog to digital services and they are taking a growing and crucial role in the societal and innovation landscape.

An international collaboration, including the libraries of Aarhus (Dokk-1), Amsterdam (OBA), Barcelona, Eindhoven, Espoo, and Ghent (De Krook) is now being shaped to support the transition of libraries into centers for information, knowledge, and wisdom. The project aims to further expand the role of libraries. They will increasingly become meeting places, free from political and economic agenda, that contribute to urban and personal development and knowledge exchange. They can also act as beacons of truth that enable us to be more autonomous in a world where we are surrounded by autonomous technology. And they can work together to form part of an international platform for democratic health and international citizenship.

To achieve these goals, de Bibliotheek Eindhoven has asked Luscinus to take on the role of project manager for the definition phase of this project. Luscinus has been assisting the libraries in finding a common ground in their transition to this new role and in securing a spearheading position in Europe. The first phase rounded off after a workshop on June 1, 2019 in Aarhus just before the Next Library conference. Luscinus developed a plan for the coordination of an open innovation program, including how to generate partnerships and funding.

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