Gaining new ideas, connections and collaborations is important, but many times not easy. Enforced by the belief that ‘a tiny bit of new information can already be enough to kickstart an impactful journey’, Luscinus makes others understand and embrace the principles behind its philosophy.

We offer INSPIRATION (workshops and public speeches) and ACTION (coaching, collision making and ecosystem building) to help people embrace and organize collisions that bring unexpected insights for anticipated innovation.


As a “Collision” expert with over 20 years experience in several fields and roles, Koen Snoeckx takes you on a journey in a (keynote) speech with stories that spark your enthusiasm and concrete tips to convert inspiration into action.

Want to bring in a committed advocate of creativity and innovation ecosystems as public speaker, guest teacher, panelist or event moderator? Let’s have a chat to discuss your ideas.

Since 2022 (and under the brand of Arteconomy), Koen Snoeckx is also offering the Improbable – Art Thinking Workshop to clients from the Benelux. Developed by French Business Professor Sylvain Bureau and Artist Pierre Tectin, it is an agile method to create the improbable with certainty.

“Glad to had the chance to listen to Koen Snoeckx, one of our reference points when speaking about the (unexpected) value and effects of making collisions. Insights we put in practice in our open innovation initiatives, and that allowed us to discover the importance and the positive effects of the “weak correlations” that are out there.”

Sveva Rugiero, Project Manager, Startup Unit & International Projects Development at ART-RE, Bologna (Italy).

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Over the years, Luscinus has successfully mentored creative entrepreneurs and students and has acted as strategic sparring partner for managers. Our versatility is thereby our strength. Thanks to a diverse background and network, we can assist you in almost all aspects of your project or business and refer you to relevant and valuable contacts within our network whenever appropriate.

Do you have teams that can benefit from mentoring? Or can you benefit from a strategic sparring partner yourself? Do not hesitate to reach out.

“One hour of sparring with Koen is like four hours with someone else”.

Lorenzo Gerbi, Studio Manager at Baltan Laboratories, Eindhoven (Netherlands).

“Our mentor really helped us in areas of our project where we most needed to add value – ourselves! He was amazingly motivating, really backed the project and gave us many gems to ponder and help shape the final outcome of our production. He was also key in […] identifying business opportunities and target audiences. We really could not have asked for a better mentor”.

Future Wardrobe (U.K. + Spain), Winning project of the 3rd open call of Worth Partnership Project.


Are you looking to setup, boost or animate a creative hub, innovation ecosystem, collaborative cluster or campus? It should not come as a surprise that the amongst the key ingredients for success are not only the bricks&mortar, but mostly the culture you create for the people you hope to attract and motivate.

In the past years, we have been challenged to setup interdisciplinary and international collaborations, to boost creative ecosystems and we’ve successfully founded a creative hub (Moktamee) in our hometown in Herentals (Belgium). Will you be the one who challenges us this time?

“Koen is an inspirational visionary. In the design of Creative Lab Brainport, he pushed us forward in our collaboration, conviction and connection. He shaped the project based on his practical expertise.”

Hans van Oers, Policy Officer Fontys Hogescholen (at the time project manager Creative Lab Brainport), the Netherlands.