Gaining new ideas, connections and collaborations is important, but many times not easy. Enforced by the belief that ‘a tiny bit of new information can already be enough to kickstart an impactful journey’, Luscinus makes others understand and embrace the principles behind its philosophy.

We offer INSPIRATION (public speeches) and ACTION (collision coaching and -making) to help people embrace and organize collisions that bring unexpected insights for anticipated innovation.


Events are a great way to ‘collide’ and start the creative process that will lead to new insights and projects. Sometimes, just hearing about successful collisions or other people’s ideas is the spark to kickstart innovation.

As a “Collision” expert with over 20 years experience in several fields and roles, Koen Snoeckx takes you on a journey in a (keynote) speech with stories that spark your enthusiasm and concrete tips to convert inspiration into action.

Want to bring in a committed advocate of creativity and innovation ecosystems as public speaker, guest teacher, panelist or event moderator? Let’s have a chat to discuss your ideas.

“Glad to had the chance to listen to Koen Snoeckx, one of our reference points when speaking about the (unexpected) value and effects of making collisions. Insights we put in practice in our open innovation initiatives, and that allowed us to discover the importance and the positive effects of the “weak correlations” that are out there.”

Sveva Rugiero, Project Manager, Startup Unit & International Projects Development at ART-RE, Bologna (Italy).

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Sometimes you wish to find new paths, but just don’t have the time or expertise.
 Luscinus explores new avenues that match your organization and goals, acting as your pathfinder to sharpen your needs and generate leads for (creative) partnerships. Be prepared for the unexpected!

In a more intensive collision making approach, Luscinus can support you in the development and execution of more elaborate strategic plans that stimulate a creative culture and enable unexpected insights around your key ambitions. To guarantee the dedication that you deserve, we only accept a limited number of such clients per year.

“One hour of sparring with Koen is like four hours with someone else”.

Lorenzo Gerbi, Studio Manager at Baltan Laboratories, Eindhoven (Netherlands).