Are you looking for new avenues to realize your plans, reach your goals and achieve your vision? Do you struggle to gain access to the right people, networks and knowledge? Do you want to expand your network and horizon to get new insights you would not get from your existing peers?

Drawing on our broad knowledge of the cultural and creative industries, business, government and educational programs, and industry best practices, we provide a range of services to help you move forward with your innovation plans and creative projects.

Luscinus client portfolio builds on assignments from: cultural organizations, government, companies, not-for-profit organizations, clusters, educational institutes and professional artists, designers or makers. In whatever we do, we realize – or give insight into – collisions involving multiple sectors and disciplines, and always with an involvement from cultural or creative industries.

Keynote speaker and event moderator

Whether moderating an event or presenting a talk, Koen is an enthusiastic and committed advocate of creative communities, He is always keen to talk about the challenges we face in creating a sustainable future and how bringing together creative people from different disciplines and backgrounds are critical to solving these challenges.

Events are a great way for people to ‘collide’ and start the creative process that will lead to new projects. Sometimes, just hearing new ideas can be the spark needed to kick-off new creative collaborations. And the more people that can be involved, the greater the chance of a ‘collision’.

Sparring partner and mentor

For makers, project- and innovation managers, Luscinus acts as a mentor or sparring partner. Based on a predefined budget and agreed number of sessions, you can call upon our expertise to help you take your plans and projects to the next level.

Our primary focus is helping you to create the right context to drive innovative and exciting new projects. With our extensive contacts across the worlds of art, technology, government and science, we can also help you to make the right connections.

Creative collaborations and (open-)innovation trajectories typically involve a diverse group of people, talking different languages, having different drives, goals, and expectations. As Luscinus is familiar with all of these languages, we can act as intermediary or give you valuable advice on how to successfully moderate this dialogue yourself.

Project and general manager

Luscinus can also take on more substantial project management assignments and can even act as general manager or assistant director of your organization. Bringing creatives together with industry, government or education is just the first step in a successful collaboration. Working as part of the team, Luscinus supports your organization’s long-term programs or individual projects, coordinating activities between the different stakeholders to ensure they stay on track and meet their objectives.